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Vev is the only all-in-one web building platform that allows users to create and launch unique web experiences with complete creative and technical freedom. Vev sought to redefine their brand identity to match the power and flexibility of their product. As a result, they partnered with us to build a comprehensive visual identity that would attract a new generation of creatives and then apply it to their new marketing site, social presence, and targeted advertising.

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Technological elegance

While respecting the original Vev logo, we created a distinctive visual language that would set them apart from other website building platforms. We wanted to communicate that building a website requires precision and attention to detail combined with imagination and fun.

After conducting intensive market research, we decided to move away from Vev’s original RGB vibrancy within the color palette and supporting imagery — a trend noted in many of Vev’s competitors. Rather, we opted for subdued, refined hues. More akin to Scandinavian interior design, the soft, natural colors provide depth and a nod to the Norwegian landscape surrounding the company’s headquarters in Oslo. 

Through typographic choices (used with headlines and subheads), we added a touch of elegance and sophistication to contrast the more utilitarian sans serifs (used in the body copy) — a juxtaposition that creates a beautiful spark.

In order to showcase Vev’s unique powers, we collaborated with illustrator Rutger Paulusse and animator Eric Smilde to build a world of floating geometric shapes that interact with one another, creating an abstract, colorful universe of collaboration and endless possibilities. A battery of individual geometric shapes came together in three core illustrations representing each one of the three Vev editors: Design, Code, and Content. We designed a color system for each editor to identify and organize the future Vev site. We wanted to portray the many ways to use Vev and with multiple perspectives of the same image, generating infinite shape combinations.

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Made with Vev

Once the new brand identity was approved, our partnership expanded as we were asked to design and build their marketing website.

Made with the Vev platform, the site presents the features of the web-builder, showcasing how companies are using Vev to grow their business and supporting the growing Vev community with multiple resources such as in-depth case studies, partner showcases, and a very active blog.

Together with Decimal, we decided to focus on our core values: professional yet playful. Applying the brand visuals to our website has grown our website conversion rates by over 2x and gives our visitors a reason to trust a small company like ours.

Fredrik Ekli

Co-founder & CPO

We also worked closely with the Vev team to translate and apply the new brand identity to their social media channels, as well as creating digital advertising to target specific industries. 


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