Screen recording of the Naaro site's homepage.


Portraying the future of architecture

Naaro is an architectural photography studio focused on creating inspiring visual narratives of innovative architecture around the world. After outgrowing their previous website Naaro asked Decimal to design and build a new, robust site that was more modern and flexible and could better display their increasingly more relevant video work. This also presented the opportunity to create a new brand identity, which we gladly tackled, boldly announcing the growth of the studio.

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Recording showing the brand's logotype and color system.

Custom logotype for naaro. As future-forward as their work.

Navigating the cloud

We were tasked with creating a website that was as innovative, experimental, and engaging as the architecture Naaro captures in their work.

Our solution was to present the work floating, allowing users to navigate the site in a delightful, totally unexpected, and free way. Seamless transitions were implemented to elevate the experience of traveling from section to section.

Screen recording of the site's navigation fro homepage into the sphere of projects.
Mobile screen recording showing the site's homepage.
Mobile screen recording showing the site's project browsing experience.
Mobile screenshot showing a project detail view.

Bespoke project detail pages

Customization of each project detail places emphasis on Naaro’s unique approach to architectural photography.

A wide range of layouts and infinite color choices enables a seamless combination of stills and moving images to further highlight the stunning imagery.

Screen shot of a project detail page on desktop.
Screen shot of a project detail page on desktop.
Screen recording of a project detail page on desktop.

Decimal created a very special website for us that successfully reflects the spirit of our work. Their talented, thorough, and committed team is a pleasure to work with!

Marcela Spadaro


In addition to navigating the cloud, we added an Index as an alternative and faster way to browse Naaro’s  rich photographic portfolio.

Screen recording of the Index experience on desktop.


Frederik Delmotte
Guillermo Brotons
Freya Najade
Marcela Spadaro