World Organisation for Animal Health Hero Image. A person petting a donkey

World Organisation for Animal Health

It’s everyone’s health

After 100 years in operation, The World Organisation for Animal Health (formerly OIE) approached Decimal to redesign their brand identity. Having identified the need to reaffirm their essential mission in a world facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization recognized the tremendous opportunity that revisiting both their brand strategy and identity presented for their future.

World Organisation for Animal Health
An animation showcasing the brand and their mission.

Holistic Design

We began our efforts by reviewing WOAH’s latest strategic plan in order to intimately grasp its mission. Working closely with key stakeholders we were able to hone in on its core ethos, reaffirming its target audience. This allowed us to frame the brand’s core pillars and from there, re-envision its identity. Brand guidelines, applications, and motion design were created to ensure all modes of communication were covered and the organization had all it needed to embrace its new brand.

During the brand strategy phase, we unearthed some of the attributes that were important to communicate with the new logotype:

  • Global/International
  • Two sides of the organization: wisdom and action
  • Nod to the interdependence of animal health, human health, and ecosystem
  • Dynamic
WOAH logo mark in motion
Cover image of drone video showing a herd of horses.
Collage of publication collaterals for WOAH

Expanding on the three lines that make up the logotype, we created a set of custom icons to be used in multiple brand applications that will support infographics, diagrams, and charts.

Poster image of video showing the brand's system iconography
Poster image for video showing all the brand print collaterals
WOAH business card

For use in smaller sizes, we also developed a simplified version of the icons using a single line. Depending on the context, icons are used in different branded colors.

Poster image of video showing the brand's simplified iconography.
WOAH publications

It has been transformational for our brand to work with Decimal. It allowed us to clearly position the Organisation at a critical time when animal health can no longer be seen as an isolated universe — it's everyone’s health!

Gerrit Beger

Director of Communication

Poster image of video showing children running amongst cattle with WOAH key messaging

Documenting the brand

From scientific studies and white papers, to short films, social posts, flags, international codes, and maps, WOAH’s work requires so many applications.

We iterated and documented all in a 160 page brand guidelines document which was provided along with templates for each asset.

Collage of Brand Manual


Allie Heesh
Cherif Zouein
Guillermo Brotons
Laura Casinelli
Motion Graphics
Emily Tagliaro
Gabriel Reyes
Gerrit Beger
Lucía Escati
Francois Caya
Paula Pinet
Sarah Sullivan
Yael Farhi