Photograph from Ross McDonnell showing three young Irish men in a car.

Ross McDonnell

A portfolio for the e-commerce age

We collaborated with Irish filmmaker and photographer, Ross McDonnell, to design and build a new portfolio site that would initially serve to showcase his latest monograph, “Joyrider.” He needed a site that would not only highlight his dark, moody, beautiful images in a unique way but could also act as a shop for his upcoming book as well as future merchandise.

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Ross McDonnell
Arts + Culture
Recording of the site's homepage and subsequent slideshow.

A premium slideshow

Working side-by-side with Ross, we explored ways to present his work that felt different from typical media consumption on Instagram and other platforms. We agreed that there was a general scroll fatigue and that his work needed to be elevated, almost like going to an art gallery where you have the time and space to contemplate one image at the time.

We wanted the user to slow down, take a step back from the infinite scroll and enter a different mindset to enjoy his impactful work. To accomplish this, we designed and built a slideshow featuring various ways to present the work (single images, diptychs, triptychs) that Ross could control himself with an easy-to-use CMS.

Mobile homepage design.
Mobile recording of the site's slideshow.
Design of the product detail page on mobile.

Decimal loves working with strong imagery, especially photography. Their ability to merge visual storytelling with beautiful design makes them a joy to work with

Ross McDonnell

Photograph from Ross McDonnell showing young irishmen's sneakers.

“Joyrider” features Ross’ 2006 photographs of young residents of the failed, government-run Ballymun housing estate in Dublin, Ireland.

Screen recording of the site's about page and its transitions.

Integrated e-commerce

E-commerce was a critical component of the new site. We needed to allow for easy browsing as well as buying.

We also wanted to ensure new products could be added and quickly connected with Shopify through a headless integration.

Screen recording of the e-commerce experience on desktop.


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