Motion design of the Echio logo.


Where artists and fans connect

Echio is a live-streaming platform where artists give access to the intimacy of their studio in order to share, create, and interact with fans. Born of the founders’ desire to create meaningful connections between artists and fans in an era of algorithmic-driven social media, they approached Decimal to help create a brand and platform that delivers just that.

Arts + Culture
Banner design for Echio.

Celebrating a space for exchange

Inspired by the unique relationship between musicians and their fans as well as the propagation of information, we worked with dynamic type and contrasting organic shapes to create a bouncy, bright visual language.

The playful design system enables Echio to show off a unique form of communication across a fluid system of form, photography, and type.

Motion design of the Echio brand system featuring its artists.
Event promotion with the brand system in motion.
Animated value proposition with the brand system at work.
Logo animation with system's color palette.
Collage of the Echio branding guidelines.

Decimal helped us define and differentiate our product in the live-streaming market by creating a bold visual identity that evokes the connection between artists and fans. It also echoes, evoking transmission response.

Tom Royer

Co-founder and CTO

Beyond creating the visual identity, we worked with Echio’s product team to apply the brand on different touch points with special emphasis on their marketing site and streaming platform.

Screenshot of a live session taking place on the Echio site.
Photo of a laptop opened on the Echio homepage.

We also designed the foundation of Echio’s social media presence to leverage the motion opportunities the dynamic identity provides.

Animated rendering of Echio's branded instagram stories.
Three recordings of different Echio's instagram stories, using the brand system.

Good design pays dividends

Recognized artists registered
Super fans registered
Live sessions
Total minutes of training sessions broadcasted

Echio’s screen tester is one of our favorite brand applications, bringing some nostalgia and 80s vibes.

Echio's screen tester animation.


Guillermo Brotons
Miquel Cendrós
Tomi Picasso
Joaquim Bouaziz
Tom Royer
Interactive Design
Sébastien Plisson