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Vazquez + Partners specializes in strategic brand development, product design, and client-centric practices in the fashion, luxury, and lifestyle spaces. Collaborating with both emerging and established brands, V+P empowers their clients to drive meaningful evolution and expedite transformative change. To breathe life into the brand's identity, we worked closely with its founder to create an engaging website that would serve as a beacon, attracting the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs.

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Laura Vazquez
Luxury goods

Weaving luxury into the Web

Drawing inspiration from the world of noble clothing materials, we incorporated 3D design to elevate the brand’s presence without relying on product photography, remaining gender-neutral, and conveying an atmosphere of innovation at every click. For a centerpiece, we created a dancing image of fabrics suspended gracefully in air. This visual encapsulates artistry, collaboration, and boundless possibility while avoiding a “traditional” look and feel, harmonizing seamlessly with Vazquez + Partner’s forward-thinking identity.

We also created a custom logotype and brand applications, including stationary and social presence, setting the brand up for success in the broader landscape of fashion.

Decimal was the perfect partner to launch our brand identity and website. They made the process both fun and deeply satisfying while truly reflecting my vision. 

Laura Vazquez

Founder CEO


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Laura Vazquez