Thomas Prior

A showcase of life’s cinematic moments

Thomas Prior’s photographs reduce complex actions and events into simple forms that highlight details often overlooked by less discerning eyes. Prior uses his camera to create order amidst the intensity of lived experience. 

Decimal worked closely with Prior to create a bespoke digital portfolio that organizes and showcases his work in electrifying fashion.

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Thomas Prior
Arts + Culture

Less is more

Designing the site was an exercise in distilling the user interface to its simplest form, allowing Prior’s stunning work to take centerstage with no distractions.

By removing all unnecessary information and adding a layer of subtle animations in order to smooth the navigation we were able to create a truly premium scrolling experience.

Building the supporting structure

To clearly organize the content we created two different main sections — Portfolio and Journal. The two sections mirror one another with the “About” section acting as a bridge between the two.

The Portfolio allows Prior to simply and powerfully highlight his best work with several different ways to customize the presentation. In order to focus the user on the latest Prior can change the  background color, show diptychs, carousels or flickers. Journal, on the other hand, is meant to act like a curated diary, grouping images by theme or commission. Both experiences have easy access to thumbnails to facilitate navigation and discovery.


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