Michael Schmelling

Bringing disparate work together in one location

Decimal partnered with photographer, designer, writer, editor, and all-around creative mastermind, Michael Schmelling, to bring his years of work online and consolidate it into one coherent destination.

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Michael Schmelling
Arts + Culture

Different talents, different interfaces

The main challenge was how to organize and visualize the photographic work in a distinctly different way than the design projects.

Our solution was to design different listing pages: “Photo Projects” feature a text lead while “Design” has thumbnails to tease the physicality of the carefully considered printed matter.

I really appreciate how Decimal listened to my thoughts, ideas, concerns, and delivered something that feels exactly like some of the vague adjectives I kept using — mainly, that it feels ‘homemade’ and ‘unexpected’. And don’t forget ‘non-corporate’ :)

Michael Schmelling


While reviewing Michael’s work, we were drawn to the slightly off, imperfect, messy, and charming way he documents his design work.

We asked him to take this same approach to documenting the new website, creating photographs of computers showing books to present on the site — light-hearted, self-referential moment that further highlights Michael’s unique view of the world.

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Unexpected details, a collection of nuances

We were mindful to create a website that truly allowed the content to be king. Though the design is very pared down, we looked for opportunities to add unexpected details.

For instance, the playful new project indicator at the end of a slideshow, the off-centered layouts sprinkled throughout, or the screensaver that takes over after a few seconds of inactivity.


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